Amino Acid Gold Foil Soap

1.Origin from amino acid :up to 60% glutamic acid in the formulation.    

Free frompetrochemical surfactant, which is quite different from market products.

2.Great skin compability:soap base is pH5.5, which is close to skin pH

3.Excellent tranparency, flawless, pure and eye catching apprearance

4.Deep cleansing pores, soil and exfoliating aging stratum corneum.

5.Outstanding lathering:creamy bubbles with light skin conditioning effect.

6.Anti pollution:Moringa seed extract shows purifying effect, which would protect skin against particle pollution.


1.Design, develop and manufacture according to customer needs.
2.Accept original design commission and manufacture ODM.
3.Accept the original factory commissioned OEM.
4.Various designs, customers can provide bottle design or outer packaging design.

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