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Crazy congratulations~!!! Beauty Alliance K-Team established

April 07,2021

Jordennis (Jorden-KY, 4190) in March has a number of positives such as sales of packages for the 33rd anniversary of SPA and beauty, the increase in the number of medical and beauty visitors and spending, and the success of the online store. It is expected that the revenue will rise. With the opening of the seventh Taipei Jorden Weier Medical Beauty Clinic, the Taiwan layout has been completed to seize the value economy; the "K-Team Beauty Business Alliance" initiated by the group has been signed and completed, and it has joined hands with high-quality manufacturers to win international orders; the new brand Zendos The official appearance of the special spokesperson is expected to drive the popularity and sales performance of the new product.

    Regular medical beauty treatment has become a maintenance trend. After the group actively expands branches on both sides of the strait, it expands its tour lectures in mainland China. The number of customers and the unit price of customers have increased; in Taiwan, the revenue contribution can be expected to grow with the mutual guidance of Shuangmei members, word-of-mouth marketing with customers, and preoperative and postoperative care products. The new brand Zendoste is rooted in young people. It mainly promotes dragon blood beauty essence and repair milk. It invites artist Hu Yuwei, who is deeply loved by women, to endorse, shoot product image videos, attend brand meeting, intensive exposure to increase awareness and introduce online. The mall and the physical health are the US channels, and their strong debut paved the way for sales performance.

    It is estimated that the global cosmetics industry market size in 2024 will be 76 billion US dollars. All major manufacturers are actively attacking. Chairman Chen Zhengxiong believes that the benefits of fighting alone are too low. is a shortcut. Under the visit planning, in the first stage, there are Shangsen Industry, a large-scale high-pressure air filling factory, Shenyu Industry, a dust-free wiping expert, and Biyan, a freeze-drying maintenance patent. Biotechnology Co., Ltd., color cosmetics manufacturers Tongcaini Co., Ltd. and Yaqiao Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd., household cleaning tablets Baoqiaoqun Biotechnology strong>, major organic lotion manufacturers Yumei Biotechnology, and multiple skin care formulations Liangguan Biotechnology and other major manufacturers joined the "K-Team Beauty Business Alliance". K-Team will share resources to create 1+1> infinity through channel cooperation, mutual guidance with customers, joint overseas exhibitions and procurement, capacity scheduling and production line complementarity, and make Taiwan's cosmetics industry famous internationally.